Condensing Boilers – A Quick Guide

Offering efficiency levels of over 85 percent condensing boilers are by some distance the most energy efficient type of central heating boilers currently available in the UK. In comparison a new standard boiler will be at most 78 percent efficient with older systems being as little as 60 percent efficient.

A condensing boilers Geen warm water make better use of the heat that it generates from burning fuels such as gas or oil. They work by recovering the heat that would normally be wasted by conventional boiler systems. In a conventional boiler some heat is lost because the boiler releases very hot waste gases from its flue. Instead of wasting this energy a condensing boilers use some of the heat from these waste gases to heat water returning from your central heating system, so it requires less heat from the burner. This makes your boiler more efficient.

Choosing to install a condensing boiler is a great idea for a number of reasons. As the most energy efficient type of boiler they require less energy to heat your home. Since you are using less energy your heating bills can be reduced significantly. Although these types of boilers are a little more expensive than other alternative heating systems through savings on your heating bills this extra cost can be paid back within two years.

Condensing boilers are also an environmentally friendly heating system for your home. By using less energy they help to reduce your carbon footprint. Used in conjunction with cavity wall insulation and double glazing they are perfect for both making your home environmentally friendly and keeping your home warm all year round.

Condensing system boilers fall into two main categories; regular and combination. Since combination boilers aren’t compatible with all types of central heating system it is best to seek the advice of a professional heating engineer to find out which type is most suitable for your home.


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