Detox Footbath – A Path to Improved Health and Wellness

“Better Living Through Chemistry” has proved to be a cruel falsehood. Over 70,000 chemicals are commercially produced in the US and thousands of new ones are introduced each year. The EPA has classified almost 65,000 of them as potentially, if not definitely, hazardous to human health. Over three thousand chemicals are intentionally added to our food supply and over 700 are routinely found in drinking water.

Heavy metals are present in almost everyone and also a significant source of toxicity. Lead, mercury, copper, cadmium, and arsenic are collected throughout most of our bodies. Because of their molecular weight they are difficult to eliminate. Heavy metals have been known toxins for many decades and we continue to find new health threats such as rising rates of Autism and Parkinson Disease resulting from our continued and growing exposure to them.

A major symptom of toxicity seems to be a breakdown of our immune system which further complicates our body’s ability to naturally fight off or rid itself of toxins. Another major symptom is damage to our nervous systems and emotional well being. The infraredsauna vast increase in chemicals in our environment, foods, and medicines has diminished our body’s ability to rid itself of toxins through normal means. Our body’s natural functions used to eliminate toxins have become overwhelmed. Clearly the rise in immunological diseases and emotional disorders along with a general decline in wellness in our society are likely “canaries in the coal mine” warning us of increasing levels of toxins our bodies are taking on.

Thanks to advances in technology, all of these problems can be taken care of at home at a very affordable price.

In 1990 Micheal Londo, the founder of Β had a daughter born with a very rare genetic disorder “Congenital Central Hypo-Ventilation Syndrome” leaving her 24 hour a day ventilator dependant. She came home from the hospital at the age of 6 months to her own mini-ICU in her room. Through the course of her life Micheal saw the need for various products to make life easier for her and others in a similar situation.


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