He Carried Me To A Mountain Great And High, And Showed Me The Holy City Coming Down Out Of Heaven

In a figment it shall all glitter down, bold apparition coming in the light Distant rays from distant planets, microscopic panthers freezing near a kite Straight from our heavenly father a great citadel colors was born, topaz, turquoise, onyx, rubies, diamonds on a hill, cut from fresh granite see them sparkling from a quill This is where it is at among the heaven’s and the clouds, radiant kingdoms, moonbeams, pastors walking round a bend for there is a shining city etched in memory and stone allow the ancient Israelites an opportunity to make their way home, in blue skies with purple castles in the air, dream time illusion for anyone who has refused to be seen downtown, in a habit of choice there are women with bad ideas, distrustful bargains, nakedness, spindly spiders for whatever it is worth but this is how it gets to be as everything is on display, shapely purpose enough to emit superfluous waves riding pale thinking about sharp objects that strike a semblance of a strange incantation of desperate thought swirling however gently in images that could never be burned as this is how the magic comes when it stumbles searching for frantic parts to bask in silver and gold but do not give, no matter what may be at stake personal interest is custard dripping slowly from everything that is fine, raw hide, bee wife, place it far from what may ordinarily arrive in dark chocolate there is much to compare even though we know it is seldom pink inside so pick up your tooth and push it far below, slide it past a gargoyle with columns rich and firm in the palm of your hands they might feel like pip and seed, old men may be hungry for a wretched dog, a place to enter slowly tie up what was never finished smooth kicks for a rabbit or a hound angular tendons masking the earth rich phlegmatic turpentine cleaning the colors that were never meant to be there, as only a penitent son who would be able to pacify what is burning in the soul burning rods residue solid elements have been altered and reduced interesting scraps of shiny metal victory and defeat yet there is clemency for many who have done wrong mercy in the foothills a black monkey hanging from a tree but never mind that it’s a willow it could have happened in another place, large ligaments breathing as it is a heavy chain tightening closing upon a rectangular neck, not me.

Β·Β Nevsky ProspectΒ – This most important street in St. Petersburg and runs through the center of the city, it has many beautiful structures like the Kazan cathedral or Dom Kingie bookstores and is the commercial and entertainment center.

Β·Β SochiΒ – This longest city in Europe is also called the “Black Sea Pearl”. It’s got beautiful sea-shore on one side and the magnificent snow-capped peaks of the Caucasus Mountains on the other. This is also the home city for the 2014 Olympics.

The other places of interest which you should target during your Russia travel is Lake Baikal, a banana shaped sparkling freshwater lake; the far eastern Kamchatka hot springs, on the Kamchatka Peninsula with its exotic natural beauty; Kizhi Islands with historic monuments, which are part of the island museum.

Plan your trip in a way that you should get a flavor of the exotic Russian culture by watching a ballet or an opera, taste the world-famous Russian cuisine as well as visit the historical sites and the natural wonders of the Russian land. I’m sure you’ll come back planning your next trip back!


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