How Do You Cope With The Loss Of Your Pet?

Losing a pet is almost always a painful and sorrowful experience. Whether it is a dog, cat
or even a fish that you might have had as a pet, it becomes a part of your family. You
nurture it, feed it with the healthiest food possible and treat it just like you would your
own child.

Then one fine day it is time for it to reach its heavenly abode.

Many times what adds to the pain and grief is the inability of family members or friends
to understand the depth of grief you feel.

Often we tend to have a much deeper connect
and relationship with our pets as compared to even human beings. In such cases losing a
pet to death can be a traumatic experience. Suddenly you feel a vacuum which tends to
overwhelm your entire life.

It’s the little things that seem to affect you the most. Right from the mornings when you
would place the bowl of milk outside to missing the playful caresses of your dog when
you were sleeping. You tend to miss all that excruciatingly more when your pet’s no
more. Animals have an instinctive ability to sense when their master is sad or happy.
Most of the time when we are in a gloomy state, we find our beloved dogs nestling up to
us providing us great comfort and joy.

Very often we humans have a much deeper connection with animals. Our pets seem to
demand so little and yet give us so much of their love, attention and affection, that it is
impossible not to forge a deep bonding with them. They are always there for us at all
times providing us unconditional love and support.

Just an animal?

When you face an extraordinary sense of loss for your pet many of your friends or family
members may be at a loss to understand why you feel such intense grief. In fact you
yourself might be surprised at the best organic cbd for dogsLinks to an external site. level of grief you are currently feeling. Many people
will dismiss the fact saying that it is just an animal after all and how can you be so sad
about losing an animal? However, the surprising thing is that this pet of yours is far from
being a mere animal. It has forged a special, deep bond with you only because of certain
reasons. Many times even getting another pet after this one has died, will not bring back
the same level of happiness or comfort you shared with this creature. The reason why you
feel such an enormous sense of loss is because you know at the back of your mind that no
other pet could possibly replace this special pet’s place.

The relationship with the pet

Our relationship with our pets determines to a large extent the level of grief we feel for
them. The same applies for a family member as well. If we have been close to our
grandmother or aunt then her death can be a cause for intense grief. Thus irrespective of
whether it is an animal you have lost or a near and dear human being, if you have had a
close relationship, the death will affect you deeply.

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