Refurbished Or Used iPods – A Way To Buy Cheap iPods

Apple sells millions of iPods every year. And they have graced it well with the iTunes store. iTunes store sells both audio and video content. However, a parallel market for iPods is nourishing very well and that is not controlled by Apple.

Apple launched new versions of iPods very often and thus people sell off their older pieces to get the new ones. And this thing has given birth to a parallel second hand ipod market in the States.

Every time a new version of ipod is launched, where can i sell my ipod touch 5th generation the quantity of second hand iPods for sale in the market is raised automatically. Market analysts predict that there would be some 10 million iPods sold out in this quarter.

The lifespan of a used ipod is around 1.5 years and most of the used iPods are either sold or exchanged for new iPods in the market. And some give them to their relatives and friends. Also there is huge demand for discontinued models and shades as now they are a collector’s item and later in the future, these oldies might fetch good money as the iPod has become a vintage gizmo.

Buying used cheap iPods is good for those who want to save money. Although the pieces are not brand new, but you may get used iPods in good working condition. There is no warranty with the second-hand iPods, but if you buy them from Apple as refurbished, then you do get a one year warranty.

And when it comes to refurbished iPods, the life-span of the ipod totally depends on the luck.

I have my personal experience to share with you. To save money, I decided to buy a refurbished cheap ipod.. But to my surprise, that ipod lasted for only 3 months, the screen stopped working. As the seller did mention that the piece was without any warranty, so I do not blame him. Now to get that screen fixed, it would cost $50.

Then I decided to try one more time and went ahead to buy another refurbished piece of iPod from another site. But again after a period of just 2 months, the battery died.

Now I have two unusable iPods lying in my cupboard.
However my friend was lucky as he also bought a refurbished ipod online and he is happy with it as it works well even after one year. So, I would call it a matter of chance only.

So, it is totally up to you when it comes to buying used or refurbished cheap iPods. But I can surely guide you for this.

Things to look for while buying used iPods –

Battery –ย Ipod is bad for one thing and that is replacing batteries (it is not a very easy task). When you buy a used or refurbished ipod, the first thing you shoud look out is the battery. The battery of a one year used iPod is regarded cautiously. So, ask the seller if he replaces the battery when you buy and if he does not then you may go to some repair shop.

Screenย – When a used or refurbished iPod is not stored in a protective case, the screen gets scratched. And these scratched can really make it worse when you watch videos. So, it is better to have a look at the screen before buying.

Capacity –ย It is true that you get allured of low prices, but remember that the second hand pieces are not the latest models. They have less space for storage. The difference between a 1GB and a 20GB iPod may not affect you, but the gapping line between a 10GB and a 160GB iPod is really big. So, consider the storage space too.

Price –ย The same applies to the price factor too. A used or refurbished iPod may come for $50, but does it really make it worth to get something that is not the latest and with less storage? Some may say yes, but those who want a good value of their money will make a good choice.

Warranty –ย It is true that most of them do not come with warranties. But it is really good if you can get one. Not all, but some sellers do offer warranty.


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