The Convenience of Orlando Vacation Rentals

Many people choose Orlando vacation rentals over hotels for their vacation in Orlando due to the convenience, particularly where children or larger groups of people are involved. Children in particular can get easily bored in the confines of a hotel room, and you don’t always feel relaxed when you allow them to roam the hotel or even use its pool without you being around.

Another problem regarding hotels and children is that of refreshments and food. Room service can be expensive, and kids like to eat and drink a lot at times not convenient for adults – like after midnight or early in the morning before breakfast. Then you have the problem of the rooms themselves. Are you happy with your children on their own in a hotel room? You sure wouldn’t be happy if they were sharing your room, but what are your alternatives?

Not many if you insist on hotel accommodation for your vacation in Orlando, punta cana luxury vacation rentals villa answers all of these problems, plus a few more. Take entertainment alone. You can’t always be out visiting the attractions in Orlando, and with children especially you will have to spend time in your accommodation in the evenings. Image if that was a hotel room!

Luxury vacation rentals in Orlando offer TVs in each room, most with video or DVD players, or even Blueray, plus at least one games console such as a PlayStation or similar. With good sound systems and a main wide-screen TV with surround sound, that should be enough to keep them occupied. If not, then there is always the games room with its pool table and table hockey, or even your own private swimming pool.

You have the privacy you need, and also a luxury kitchen with fridge and freezer, that you can use to rustle up a snack when needed or even a full family meal. You can’t do that in a hotel. You have to use room service when the kitchen is closed, and drink in the hotel bar paying the outlandish prices most charge. With an Orlando vacation rental you can buy your drinks at a supermarket and drink them by your own pool side.

That’s what a vacation should be about, not crammed into one hotel room – you don’t live in one room at home, so why do it on vacation? That should be a time for relaxing and pampering yourself, not a trial that frays your nerves when the kids get under foot.

As for the Orlando attractions: many villas are within a few minutes of Disney and Waterworld, and there is a lot more to do than just that. Sure, much of Orlando entertainment is centered round Disney World, but there is also the Universal Studios to visit, and the golf courses are fabulous.

If you need to brush up on your game, there are a load of golf schools and academies in the area, including the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy at the Bay Hill club, and the Brad Brewer Golf School at Shingle Creek. Get some instruction on your swing while your partner takes the kids to Waterworld, then back to the villa for a great pasta or a few burgers. Maybe even a barbecue by the pool with a few beers. That’s what I call being on vacation! Golf, burgers and beer by the pool. Fabulous – just the thing to get your batteries recharged for another year at the office.

An Orlando vacation rental offers a convenience and luxury that you will find hard to beat with any other form of holiday accommodation. Quite frankly I find it hard to figure how some people could prefer a hotel room to a five or six bedroom villa with a luxury kitchen, dishwasher, freezer, TVs all over the place, pool table and everything else you could want.

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