The Truth About Green Coffee Bean Side Effects

We are all often skeptical of supplements that claim to help users lose weight fast without some sort of side effects. Some manufactures call them a miracle weight loss pills in a bottle. I haven’t seen one yet that can live up to that reputation.

The only weight loss supplement that comes close is the green coffee bean extract that has just hit the market. But if you have heard that there are no green coffee bean side affects you may have just heard right BUT there’s more to the story.

There is no doubt that dieters as well as doctors are excitedly embracing this new supplement as a safe way to lose weight fast. Fact is tests and studies on these raw beans have produced exciting results causing a lot of people wonder whether it is the ideal weight loss supplement to ever hit the market.

However, like most people or consumers we don’t really know whether raw beans are healthy or harmful. So we will take a look at some cold hard facts we do know.

The beans used in this weight loss extract are purely unroasted coffee beans, the process of roasting up these beans actually destroys a health component in the raw green coffee beans called chlorogenic acid. This acid act a weight loss supplement as it controls the liver from releasing glucose into the blood stream which will later turn to fat stores if not used as energy by the body.

In addition clinical studies show that it also enhances the body’s natural metabolism levels, maintains healthy blood pressure and lowers blood pressure.

So how could there be green coffee bean side effects when it clearly affects so many things in the body.

Many people believed that roasted beans have no side effects however; further research shows that roasted coffee beans do in fact have side effects. Ask your doctor if it’s healthy to drink coffee and see what he says.

One of the major roasted coffee bean side effects is that they reduce absorption of sugar from foods rich in carbohydrates like sweets, potatoes, pasta and bread.

Further studies reveal that just like other weight loss substances taking high amounts of caffeine found in roasted beans could cause undesirable side effects if used unreasonably. The caffeine content found in these green bean extracts are a lot lower than in regular roasted beans so the risk is much lower.

Taking any supplement that boost the heart rate could cause severe side effects with some people. Fact is much of the weight loss supplements on the market today use caffeine to stimulate the body into burning fat. Taking a pure green coffee subscriptions bean extract will decrease any chance of side effects.

The chlorogenic acid found in the green beans increases the effects of antioxidants which may help the body cleanse toxins that cause aging. This acid also slows down glucose release which means the body is forced to use its fat stores.

There could be side effects for young children, pregnant women or people with kidney or liver disorders so it may not be recommended for these individuals.

Compared to other weight loss alternatives the green coffee bean extract has the least reported side effects and is by far the ideal weight loss supplement being taken today.

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